Podcast with Elizabeth on Inspired Writer Collective

I recently did another podcast with a wonderful woman named Elizabeth Wilson on her Inspired Writer Collective Podcast. She and Stephanie Oswald have an online community of women memoir writers and gather for in-depth discussions on, among other things, writing craft, time management, book marketing, and publishing. Before I say anything more, I want to make something clear…if I had my way, I would market the book with a bag over my head! Seriously, I am not excited about becoming famous or anything like that. Yes, I can be extroverted and talk easily with people, but I also have a strong bent toward being an introvert. I have learned, however, that if one wants to market a book, it’s helpful if the reader can connect with the author and get to know them more. So, gulp, that’s what I’m doing

After I sent the book to Elizabeth, she wrote to tell me her daughter… “absolutely loves the book, and she also uses the techniques regularly and talks about them (like tummy breathing or visualization).” That’s just what Jazi was hoping for!

Episode 24 [GUEST]: Anandamayi Baker, author of Bee-Coming Strong, connecting children with nature

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