Jottings From Jazianzza : Busy as a bee?

What about sleepy and playful as a bee?
With all the festivities around the 4th of July, I think a lot of us are a little tired. This will be a short, sweet, and hopefully eye-opening newsletter as you join Jazianzza and me on our journey toward the publication of Bee-Coming Strong

We know that bees are busy, right? We have heard the phrase “busy as a bee” all our lives. But below you will find an enchanting photo of two bees sleeping together. Photographer Joe Neely captured these bees sleeping in a mallow flower. They were taking an obviously much-needed rest break between their flights to and from their hive.

From jmneelyphotography

Do bees sleep? I guess on some level I always knew insects had to sleep but it was never a question I asked myself.. as it turns out bees do sleep  
Here I found two Globe Mallow Bees(Diadasia diminuta) sleeping in a globe mallow flower. There were several other flowers with occupants but these two made for such a sweet and beautiful composition where they seem to be holding hands. I take a lot of nature and wildlife photos but this one is truly unique.

You can find out more about Jim and this adorable photo, as well as his stunning work by visiting his Instagram page at

And “playful as a bee”? Now, scientists in London have proven that bumblebees love to play with wooden balls! Really! PLEASE click on this YouTube link that will show you bumblebees rolling around small wooden, bead-like balls. It’s amazzing! You may never look at a bee the same way again! I find it so joyful I have watched it again and again. Jazi and I hope you and your young ones will be delighted as you watch bees at play. Such awesome little creatures.

And that’s it for Jazianzza and me this July evening. We wish you the very best in your life. May it be filled with wonder in all things, both big and tiny.

“I think the real miracle is not to walk either on water or in thin air, but to walk on earth. “

Thich Nhat Hanh

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