Jottings From Jazianzz : Planting Seeds

Greetings to you from both Jazianzza Azzaza Buzzabee and myself! 

In the upcoming book Bee-Coming Strong, our heroine Jazianzza sometimes feels upset that she is so small and different from her sisters. Her good friend Tree surprises her by explaining that he was once a tiny acorn not much bigger than she is. Now he’s a mighty oak reaching high into the sky and providing shelter for birds, animals, and a space for the hive where Jazi and her thousands of sisters live. His story encourages her a lot.

Jazi wants me to remind you that in this season when folks are planting seeds for flowers (and please, especially pollinator-friendly flowers!) and vegetables, we would be wise to consider the seeds we are planting in our minds, as well as our family, community, and the world at large. Tree encourages Jazi to believe in herself and never give up. Those are seeds. As Jazi accepts them and plants them deep in her mind, it helps her grow stronger and more confident.

I wrote the book because I wanted to help plant seeds that I didn’t have as a child, and which would have enabled me to be happier and stronger as I was growing up. My desire is to plant seeds that will grow into tools for managing anxiety; seeds for increasing self-esteem; seeds for a deeper relationship with and wonder of nature; seeds for growing a greater understanding of our innate connection with all of life.

A couple of weeks ago I planted a variety of both vegetables and flowers in the 6-packs that I had kept from last year’s nursery trips. I still find a special kind of joy in seeing the little plants starting to poke their heads out of the soil, eager to stretch upward to the light. It’s kind of like what Jazi’s friend Tree says in the book…” It’s important to just keep growing as best you can. Do you see how my branches always reach out and up? It’s because everything inside me wants to grow. That’s why we are here, Jazi, so that we can grow, learn, be happy, and help others.” All of life wants to grow.

What seeds are we planting in our minds each day? Are the thoughts we repeat to ourselves and others helping us feel stronger and more confident? Noting our self-talk and considering whether it is helpful or harmful is a practice Jazi encourages all of us to consider. Planting healthy mental seeds helps us be healthier, happier children and adults.

One other exciting thing is happening because of planting seeds over the last year. The website for the book is up and running, although it is still a work in progress, so please bear with me.

My friend Swapnil has done a beautiful job with it, so I think you’ll like it. Just go to to see what Jazi and I have wanted to share with you!

Spring is on its way. Happy planting!

“Every leaf that grows will tell you: what you sow will bear fruit, so if you have any sense, my friend, don’t plant anything but Love.”

— Rumi

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And filling out the form. If you didn’t sign up for this newsletter please feel free to hit the “unsubscribe” button below. I really hate getting spam mail and I’m pretty sure you do, too!

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