While Jazi has been flying around the world, I’ve been a busy bee in my way by
starting to do podcasts. The first one was with a lovely Canadian named Fred
Rutman, whose book The Summer I Died Twenty Times chronicles his life and
death experiences. He is a beautiful and gentle soul. I was blessed to be able to
have him as the first podcast host to work with. If you’re interested, here you
go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ca0vZMDPnIQ&t=2s

Another podcast was with Anouk Briere-Godbout. Her podcast, Parenting the
Intensity is, in her own words, “a podcast for parents of emotionally
intense kids to feel more confident in dealing with your wonderful, but
challenging, kids.” I so appreciate her beautiful work in the world. Anouk is
full of light, life, and joy.
I hadn’t realized, however, that she was going to record an introduction after
we did the podcast, so my introduction and discussion of the book seemed a
bit awkward, but oh, well, live and learn! Otherwise, it was wonderful being
with this beautiful soul that I now call my friend. If you are interested, you can
check out the 23-minute podcast here:

I was also given the marvelous opportunity to be on the Beekeeping Today
Podcast with Becky Masterman, a most unusual and gracious young woman.
As it says on their website, they “have conversations with beekeepers,
researchers, and industry leaders.” I don’t quite know how I snuck into their
company, but we had a delightful time together. You will find this 15-minute
podcast here, starting about 15 minutes:
in: https://www.beekeepingtodaypodcast.com/a-winter-quilt-of-guests-

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