Jottings From Jazianzza: Bee-Coming Strong Is Now $12.99 Amazon!

Greetings to everyone in our hive, and thank you for being so wonderful and supportive as we have made this journey together. Jazianzza sent me a bee-mail to let me know she is on her way and is excited to finally be testing her wings.

And, thankfully, the Amazon price is now what I had originally intended it to be — $12.99. And a confession is in order…I falsely accused Amazon of pushing its weight around and making the price whatever it wanted instead of listening to me. Well, um, it seems that I forgot to push the “publish” button when I set the price. Oops. Sorry Amazon!

Again, thank you, and we wish you a Thanksgiving time filled with honey-like sweetness and much peace.Jazianzza & Anandamayi

“In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous.”


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