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Thank you for signing up for Jazianzza’s newsletter. She is the star of the upcoming book Bee-coming Strong. In this first newsletter, Jazi wants to tell you about one of the wonderful things her sisters and brothers did in the Canary Islands. She was so amazed by their ingenuity in this crisis she wants you to know all about it!

After the volcano erupted in 2021, five hives were discovered that were covered with ash containing thousands of bees, still alive and buzzing away. For almost 50 days, tens of thousands of them survived the heat and noxious gases of the volcano. How did they manage this incredible feat? By using bee propolis, that incredible resin-like compound they make which is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, to seal themselves inside the hive! Additionally, they were able to ward off starvation by eating their stores of honey. They even made sure to leave a tiny pathway so that they could get out when the danger was over!

Jazianzza wants you to realize how creative and quick-witted her bee family is. It’s not like they were sitting around reading books about what to do in the rarest event of suddenly being covered by volcanic ash. In a flash, they sensed the danger and immediately figured out how to work together to save their lives. Amazing, isn’t it? You can read a bit about it here…


Jazi loves children and found some cool art projects she wants to share for them to enjoy.…

Jazianzza and I look forward to buzzing into your home next month. As we go along, she has lots of fascinating things to share with you and the children in your life. We’ll bee seeing you next month!

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Jazianzza and Anandamayi (her translator)
“Look deep into nature and then you will 
understand everything better.”
Albert Einstein

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